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Grønland er populært og vi har turer til både Øst og Vestkysten. Fra april til oktober har vi en rekke cruise inkludert skiturer og cruise helt opp til Thule. I august - september har vi flere cruise i verdens største fjordsystem på den spektakulære østkysten.

Greenland - Milne Land

West Greenland

The west coast of Greenland has less ice and there are several interesting itineraries from April to September. This is an area rich in history with spectacular scenery and with excellent opportunities to see whales, musk oxen and other arctic  wildlife.  Early in the season you can ski the spectacular mountains of the fjord area around Nuuk and Maniitsoq. From mid may you can explore Disco Bay with its enormous icebergs and the northern areas all the way up to Thule. Later in the season you can joint the Aurora borealis cruises in the southern fjords.

Here you can read more about the cruises to West Greenland.

East Greenland

In August there are several cruises along the very remote east coast of Greenland.  Cruises include the coastline from Kaiser Frans Joseph Fjord down to Ittoqqortoormiut and the worlds larges fjord system at Scoresby Sund. Here you can read more about the cruises to East Greenland.

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