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Ross Sea - In the wake of Amundsen


Ross sea - In the wake of Amundsen


With this simple telegram the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen set the scene for what some historians have referred to as “The Race for the Pole”. It was a race that Amundsen was to win easily ... largely due to his previous experience in the High Arctic and especially his reliance on dogs. Scott, his rival, is better known even though he perished on the way home. Every year dozens of Antarctic enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Ross Island to visit his huts and memorials. There are no relics or memorials in the Bay of Whales. Amundsen’s hut which he called Framheim has long disappeared, a victim of the advancing Ross Ice Shelf. Very few expeditions have ever ventured this far east in the Ross Sea. On this special expedition will travel to the Bay of Whales as we follow in the wake of the Fram and see for ourselves this sacred place in Antarctic history.

Code Description Ship
1672 In the Wake of Amundsen
7 Feb - 12 Mar 2016(35 d)
Akademik Shokalskiy


Day 1: Invercargill

Arrive at Invercargill. Hotel and dinner included.

Day 2: Port of Bluff

Board the Akademik Shokalskiy and depart.

Day 3: The Snares Islands

Zodiac cruise the coast see the endemic Snares Crested Penguin, the Cape Petrel and

Buller’s Albatross.

Days 4 to 5: Auckland Islands

We spend one day ashore on Enderby Island and another day in Carnley Harbour.

Day 6: At Sea

Some of the best pelagic birding of the expedition.

Days 7 to 8: Macquarie Island

This island supports one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Southern Ocean including four species of penguin. We plan at least two landings.

Days 9 to 12: At Sea

Sea watching and lectures occupy our days. We keep a lookout for icebergs and cross the Antarctic Circle.

Days 13 to 26: Antarctica’s Ross Sea Region

With unpredictable ice and weather conditions, a day-by-day itinerary is not possible but we assess the conditions daily and take every opportunity to make landings at the following locations plus others as ice and weather permits.

Cape Adare: One of the largest Adelie penguin rookeries in the world and also site of

Carsten Borchgrevink’s 1899 Hut.

Possession Islands: These islands support tens of thousands of penguins.

Cape Hallett: The mighty Admiralty Range dominates this site. A former NZ/American base.

Bay of Whales: The site of Amundsen’s Framheim and Richard Byrd’s “Little America”.

Ross Ice Shelf: Formerly called the “Ice Barrier” the world’s largest body of floating ice.

Ross Island: Mount Erebus and visits to Cape Bird, Shackleton’s Hut, Scott’s Hut(s) and Scott

and McMurdo Stations are high on our wish list.

Franklin Island: Desolately beautiful and rugged, home to a large Adelie Penguin population.

Terra Nova Bay: Both the Italian and Koreans have research stations here.

Days 27 to 31: At Sea

Time for rest, recaps, lectures and pelagic bird spotting. BROCHURE TEXT 16/10/14

Days 32 to 33: Campbell Island

Landings to explore the home of the magnificent Southern Royal Albatross and beautiful megaherbs.

Day 34: At Sea

Relax, reflect and recap.

Day 35: Christchurch

Disembark in the port of Lyttelton and transfer to hotels and airport

Prices in US$

Description Ship Triple
Main Deck
Main Deck
Superior Superior
Mini Suite Heritage
Landing fees
In the Wake of Amundsen
7 Feb - 12 Mar 2016
Akademik Shokalskiy 21500 23500 26500 28500 30000 33000 880