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East Antarctica - In the Wake of Mawson

Sir Douglas Mawson is arguably the grandfather of Antarctic Science. The Australian Antarctic Expedition 1911 - 1914 is notable for its achievements and sadly its tragedies including the deaths of Ninnis and Mertz and Mawson’s almost superhuman trek to safety.Mawson’s Hut at Cape Denison still stands; protected against the extreme weather the region is renowned for. Cape Denison is one of the very few ice free and readily accessible areas along the East Antarctic coastline. 

Ross Sea and East Antarctica

Code Description Ship
1566 In the Wake of Mawson
15 Dec - 9 Jan 2015/16 (26 d)
Akademik Shokalskiy


Day 1: Invercargill

Arrive Invercargill. Hotel and dinner included.

Day 2: Port of Bluff 

Board the Akademik Shokalskiy and depart. 

Day 3: The Snares Islands

Zodiac cruise the coastline to see wildlife including the endemic Snares Crested Penguin and Buller’s Albatross.

Days 4 to 5: Auckland Islands

Spend one day ashore on Enderby Island and another day in Carnley Harbour.

Day 6: At Sea 

Some of the best pelagic birding of the expedition.

Days 7 to 8: Macquarie Island

This island supports one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Southern Ocean including four species of penguin. We plan at least two landings.

Days 9 to 12: At Sea

Sea watching and lectures occupy our days. We keep a lookout for icebergs and cross the Antarctic Circle.

Days 13 – 18: Commonwealth Bay

Our first landing on the remote East Antarctic coastline will be Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay. Notoriously known as the ‘home of the blizzard.’ Here we will see (and experience) Mawson’s Hut and its environs which include other relics from the 1911-14 expedition and Adelie Penguins. West from Cape Denison is the French Research Base, Dumont D’Urville which, if permission is granted and ice conditions permit, we will visit.  There is also an Emperor Penguin colony nearby. Breeding season will be over but there could be birds around. Other landings could include Port Martin (abandoned French Base) and the McKellar Islands. We will also cruise in the Zodiacs looking for wildlife. 

Days 19 to 22: At Sea 

Time for rest, recaps, lectures and pelagic bird spotting.

Days 23 to 24: Campbell Island

Landings to explore the home of the magnificent Southern Royal Albatross and beautiful megaherbs.

Day 25: At Sea

Relax, reflect and recap.

Day 26: Invercargill

Disembark in the Port of Bluff and transfer to hotels and airport.

Please note a decision on whether this expedition will operate will be made early April 2015. If it is postponed because ice conditions have not changed significantly, a full refund of any deposits paid will be made. But book now to ensure your participation. 

Prices in US$:

Code Description Triple
Main Deck
Main Deck
Superior Superior
Mini Suite Heritage
Landing fees
1566 In the Wake of Mawson
15 Dec - 9 Jan 2015/16
13500 15400 17800 19000 19900 21000 880